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Below you will find all of the MARKETING services we currently offer. Our goal is to better serve YOU so we are constantly adding new programs to help authors.

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For more information about the current services or should you need assistance not found on our site, please contact us at support (at) wearewordnerds (dot) com and we would be happy to help you!

Our Marketing and Publicity Services


Social Media Manager 

  • Maintain social media account(s)
  • Schedule and Post Tweets
  • Follower Engagement (welcoming new followers, replying to messages, tweets/posts, etc)

Social media has become the way most authors and businesses “connect” with their fans.  It is the quickest and easiest way for them to contact you!  Even though we KNOW that having a strong online presence WILL boost sales (more proof here and here), not everyone has time to monitor for “mentions” of their name or to sit down and reply to all the tweets and comments. For a flat monthly fee I will manage your social media outlets (facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, LinkedIn, and/or G+) for you! This includes: Updating at least one post per day on each of your services, replying to questions and comments in a timely manner, thanking new “subscribers” and “followers”, thanking bloggers who mention you in their posts, and promoting your books or products in a non-annoying effective manner.   This service is currently $200 per month for individuals.
*The service fee for a business varies. Please contact for a quote.

General Publicity Management

  • Review Copy Inquiry management (incoming AND outgoing)
  • Full page ad space  on

The Publicity Manager service starts at $50 per month. This is per author not per book. This is the price most authors will pay. Of course, an author with 10 books will be more work than one with 4 so if you more than 4-5 books, we will need to raise the price a little. What is included: I will handle all of the review copy request inquiries for you. This means handling your request emails, checking out their blogs etc to see if they would be “worth” the review copy. This takes the headache out of trying to decide if that reviewer would be a waste of time or not, etc. The book also gets pitched to the guest reviewers at and listed on the site for as long as you pay your monthly fee.  Basically, you’re paying one fee and in return getting two services: me handling the review requests for you AND an advertisement spot on Not to mention it looks more professional if you can say “For review copy requests please contact my marketing assistant” or “my publicist” or however you want to word it.  We are book bloggers as well, and have many friends in the reviewer/blogger/vlogger community. “Word of mouth” or “Buzz” will sell your book faster than any other advertising.

Indie Pinch Feature of the Week 

  • Site wide sidebar ad for 7-days
  • Blog post featuring the book

The Indie Pinch is a new addition over on my book blog at

The Indie Pinch is featured on our sidebar for one week, and also receives a write-up post on our site. In order to be eligible for the Indie Pinch post of the week, the title must be less than $5 during the week of promotion. The title must have at a minimum of a 3-star rating, and at least TWO reviews on Amazon. The cost of this service is $15. This includes sidebar feature, and featured Pinch write-up.


Our Media Services

Media/Press Kits

  • ZIP file containing PDF and JPG files.
  • Author photo retouching, if needed
  • Hosting the file (optional)
  • HTML coding to add the file to your blog or website
  • Updates and additions at a discounted rate

Every author needs a media kit. Publishers are providing fewer and fewer services to their authors and as an Independent Author, all of your press and marketing are going to have to be handled by you. Media Kits are a great way to have professional marketing information on hand to give to advertisers, potential agents, and publishing houses. It not only makes things easier on you in the long run but it looks very professional as well.

This service starts $75, that includes compiling and formatting the media kit, and packaging for distribution. I can also retouch those Author Headshots for you!! *for an additional fee, we can host the kit for you! As long as we are hosting the file, minor updates can be done at a discounted rate!

Press Releases

  • Compiling and formatting the press release
  • Print quality PDF

Our BASIC PRESS RELEASE SERVICE is available for $50. This includes: Compiling and formatting the press release. You will receive a print quality PDF file, which you can then email, fax, or print to distribute. *For an additional fee, we can distribute this release to various sources in your area.



For more information about the current services or should you need assistance not listed above please contact us at services (at) aintwrite (dot) com
and we will be happy to assist you!


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